Episode 371 - That's How You Get Shot In The Face!

Ross Patterson, Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Evan Hafer meet up on a ranch in San Antonio after shooting a new "Instructor Earl" sketch and discuss why you shouldn't really want government to work, how hot Jarred's mom is, people who show up to your house before calling, and why people don't live in the moment anymore.

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Episode 370 - DB Sports Companion Show 01/15/19 - Special Guest Kelly Stewart

Ross Patterson and Dan Hollaway picks the winners of this week's NFC and AFC Championship games in the NFL, along with special guest handicapper Kelly Stewart.

Episode 369 - That Will Be 400 Roses Sir

Ross Patterson, Jarred Taylor, and Mat Best chat about the end of porn on Tumblr and massages on Craigslist, how Mat is magically just good at everything, and how JT only prefers girls under 130 pounds... which is weird.

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Episode 368 - Special Guest Max Martini

Ross Patterson, Jarred Taylor, and Evan Hafer sit down with special guest actor Max Martini (Saving Private Ryan, The Unit) to discuss his long career and his new upcoming movie SGT. Will Gardner that comes out this Friday in theaters and On Demand.

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Episode 367 - DB Sports Companion Show 01/09/19 - What Happened To Alabama???

Ross Patterson and Dan Hollaway break down what happened to Alabama in the National Championship, Chris Collinsworth sucking the life out of Bears fans with the phrase "Double Doink!", the NFL coaching carousel latest round of hirings, and Ross and Dan pick the spreads in this week's Divisional Round of the AFC and NFC playoff games. 

Episode 365 - Special Guests John Dudley and Andy Stumpf

Mat Best and Evan Hafer sit down with Archery legend John Dudley and former Navy Seal Andy Stumpf and chat about bow hunting and jumping out of planes!

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Episode 364 - DB Sports Companion Show 1/1/19 - Special Guest Jacksonville Jaguars Superstar Jalen Ramsey

Ross Patterson and Dan Hollaway discuss the first round of the college football playoffs, all of the coaches who got fired on "Black Monday" in the NFL, Floyd Mayweather making someone cry in the ring, and their NFL playoff predictions for this weekend.  Ross plays his favorite athlete interview of the year, the outspoken Jacksonville Jaguars corner Jalen Ramsey where Jalen asks the Drinkin' Bros help for a date with Rihanna!

Episode 363 - Bathroom Power Moves

Ross Patterson, Jarred Taylor, Evan Hafer, and Richard Ryan discuss the resignation of James Mattis, what is the ultimate boss move to pull in a men's restroom is, Jarred's six month relationship, and Evan chats about his love for the new Netflix movie "Bird Box"... or whatever the opposite of love is.  

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Episode 362 - Too Buzzed To Air - You Quit Your Job To Makes Memes???

Ross Patterson and Jarred Taylor sit down with the two masters of the conservative memes, The Typical Liberal and DC Draino to chat about about Trump, what it's like leaving a half million dollar a year job to make memes, and why they hate liberals. 

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Episode 361 - DB Sports Companion Show 12/26/18 - Backing Up The Truck For Jim Harbaugh?

Ross Patterson and Dan Hollaway pick this week's NFL games, discuss whether or not Jim Harbaugh will take $10 million a year to leave the University of Michigan to coach the New York Jets next year, where Bryce Harper will play baseball this spring, and why the UFC moved the Jon Jones fight out of Nevada.

Episode 360 - We Bought A Sex Doll!

Ross Patterson, Jarred Taylor, Evan Hafer, and Bert Kuntz discuss their recent purchase of a high end sex doll, the Gofundme for building a wall at the border, and Evan goes off on a epic rant.

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Episode 359 - Hi Everybody, I'm Bert Kuntz!

Ross Patterson sits down with OG Drinkin' Bro and audience favorite, Bison Union CEO Bert Kuntz, to talk about a possible new tv career, why he decided to pick up everything and move to Wyoming, and how the death of his father influenced his blossoming business. Don't forget to keep tagging Bert with #bertfromtv on every social media outlet. He loves it.  

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