Episode 05 - Kurt and The Cokeshi**er

Mat Best, Ross Patterson, and Jarred Taylor welcome in Vine superstar Vincent Marcus and his buddy Kurt from down under.  The bros discuss horrible 1st dates and Michael Caine.

Episode 04 - 12lbs And A Crock Pot

The Drinkin' Bros discuss Black Friday fights, Rocco's potato penis, and Ross getting Dicaprio fat.

Too Buzzed to Air 01 - Top Gun

Ross Patterson, Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Vincent Vargas go into great length of JT's hatred for Top Gun. This is a minisode which we thought maybe we had gotten too drunk to air it as a portion of the last episode... but we are releasing it anyway.

Episode 03 - 80's or 90's

The Bros talk about horrible shit stories, JT's hatred for Top Gun, working out to Taylor Swift, partying with your Uber Driver, and knocking out Devon Sawa.

Episode 02 - Mexican Food

Mat Best, Ross Patterson, Jarred Taylor, and Vincent "Rocco" Vargas discuss Thanksgiving, how much weight Jarred will gain, and why you never mess with a Vietnam Vet.

Episode 01 - Pegging Explained

The Drinkin' Bros. discuss "pegging", Range 15, Charlie Sheen, and Jared Fogle. You're welcome.

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